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Introduction to Foraging for WILD EDIBLE MUSHROOMS

Popular outdoors educator Stephan Lukacic (@stevie_funfur on Instagram) takes you deep into the science, ecology, and practical identification skills needed to find and harvest wild edible mushrooms!

This immersive wilderness learning experience consists of a 90-minute classroom style presentation covering everything you need to know to safely and sustainably forage for wild edible mushrooms. The seminar is followed by a hike into the forest where participants put the skills they’ve just learned directly into practice, identifying whatever wild mushrooms they come across. There’s always time for questions and conversation, and usually some cool people and a bunch of laughs!

There are thousands of species of mushrooms in eastern North America, many of which you can find all across Ontario. Some have strange alien-looking shapes that don’t resemble the mushrooms you find in the grocery store at all. Some look like heads of cauliflower, some like beautiful corals you’d find under the sea, others like soccer balls, bird’s feathers, or dangling icicles that hang from tree trunks, or that burst up from the forest floor.

Wild mushrooms have curious folk names like “Dead Man’s Fingers”, “Shaggy Mane”, “Witch’s Butter”, and “Bear’s Head Tooth”; but their scientific names are far more accurate and important. Some turn colours when they’re cut or bruised, others smell like common fruits, taste acrid or bitter, or even glow in the dark at night. Many wild mushrooms are delicious; others are toxic. Most are unpalatable, flavourless, or too tough to eat. A few are even deadly. But how do you know which is which?

As the wise saying goes: “There are old mushroom hunters, and there are bold mushroom hunters… but there are NO old, bold mushroom hunters!”. With a few simple steps and rules, avid outdoorsman and forager Stephan Lukacic will start you down the rewarding path towards being able to safely recognize and locate wild edible mushrooms in the forest, and in many cases, right in your own backyard or local park when you get back home!

*Note: this experience focuses on teaching you how to find and safely identify wild edible mushrooms. This is not a standard (boring!) foraging walk where a guide identifies mushrooms for you, which you then take home—having learned very little about how and why those mushrooms are safe to eat, where they like to grow, or how to properly harvest them! This short, intensive “course” is designed to demystify wild mushrooms—giving you a solid foundation on which to build foraging skills.

WHERE:  Deep Roots Adventure – 4071 Elephant Lake Road, Harcourt.

TIME:  1:30 pm to approx. 4 pm

We have four dates scheduled this Fall with special pricing available!

Sept 11 – Only $55 per person!

Sept 25, Oct 9 & 23 – Book your spot more than a week ahead to get the $55 rate!  Bookings requests received the week of the event are at the regular price – $75.


Booking Individual Courses

If you would like to book courses individually see the links below.

If you would like us to put together a custom course for your group please send us an email at info@deeprootsadventure.com.

We can train students, including post-secondary Adventure Program students, camp councilors, guides, filmmakers, flight crew, humanitarian teams going into dangerous areas (either conflict or natural disasters), clubs etc.


We will cover the tried and true theory of navigation, helping you understand and master skills such as choosing and reading maps, measuring distances, choosing and using compasses, utilizing grid references and creating your route cards. This course will be a blended delivery with in class work being delivered virtually, followed by a full day of in-person practice with your instructor.

Future Dates are being scheduled, keep an eye on your events calendar!

You must have a min group of 4 to book this course on a custom date- special rates apply to school groups, or larger group bookings. Contact us for details.

Overnight Wilderness Survival

This is delivered as blended learning with in class portions being covered virtually. The in-person portion will give you a solid understanding and hands on practice of survival fundamentals. Students will build and sleep in a shelter to sleep in. The morning will cover any remaining curriculum in the morning and have a series debrief and wrap up – leaving you feeling empowered and ready to adventure!

Sun, Apr 24 – 4 pm – 8 pm – Session A (Virtual)

Sat, Apr 30, 10 am to Sun, May 1, 2 pm – Session B (In Person Overnight)

Trip Planning

Learn to build & utilizing a Trip Plan including food, fuel, time & everything you need for a successful trip. Many different considerations and facets of Trip Planning will be explored, right from determining why you are taking the trip to who would make good trip companions, fitness requirements & more. This course is in a blended format with class work being delivered virtually, followed by an day of in person training with your instructor.

Future Dates are being scheduled, keep an eye on our events calendar!

Min group of 4 to book this course on a custom date. Special rates apply to school or large groups.

Full Day Wilderness Survival

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors should have a survival course under their belt. The full day workshop would include:

• Trip preparation and how to avoid getting lost.

• What to include in a survival kit.

• Basic navigation skills – Staying found!

• Immediate actions to take when lost.

• The 7 enemies of survival and the psychology of survival.

• Starting, maintaining and extinguishing fires. (With and without matches).

• Water collection and purification.

• Shelter building.

• Wilderness food sources and cooking techniques.

• Signaling and ensuring you are found by SAR.

• When and how to self-rescue.

Course material is included.